watching videos of GW2 has soured WoW for me.

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I've just been watching the clips on youtube of the gamescom demos.  It is destroying my ability to enjoy my good old World of Warcraft. 
I loved the Cataclysm update and still think it did so much for one of my favorite current games, but man...  the stuff they are doing over at arenanet is making me antsy for the release.  What I'm most obsessed with is their open policy toward characters helping each other.  No kill stealing or needing to party up to complete goals or kill bosses.  If you see people trying to take down a boss, you can just help and you will get rewarded.  I just think this has the potential to increase player cooperation and ad hoc groups.  Its such a great idea and it makes my dungeon queues so terrible lately.  I wish i could meaningfully participate with other players without needing to party up or queue for 20 minutes for a dungeon.  
Anybody else find themselves itching for some of this stuff they are promising?  I thought I was about 10 years past my fanboy days, but man im psyched for this release.

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Yes. For some reason i read Gears of war 2 for the title. But yes. I'm really looking forward to Guild war 2. And it's free to play.

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No. GW2 might steal away people for a month or so from WoW, but they'll come back. They always do. And personally, I don't really care about the grouping thing. That's what I have a guild for. And if it's an open world event kind of thing, I managed to tag every quest mob on my first try during Cataclysm, even with a hundred other players competing for it, so that's not really a problem for me.

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I must have logged hundreds of hours into the first and the subsequent expansions, but oddly enough I haven't looked at GW2 very much.
More cooperation in PvE sounds great, though.

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People said things like this about Age of Conan.

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Guild Wars 2 does look incredible and considering I spent a good 5000 hours in the original guild wars trilogy im stoked for this, but it doesn't sour WoW for me, I love wow's style. 
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A couple of friends and I are keeping our eye out on this game.

#8 Posted by RVonE (4768 posts) -

I put a couple of hundred hours in the first game and its expansions. Chances are I'll check this one out. Never cared for WoW, though.
#9 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

I've always hated WoW, but I'm willing to try this out since it's free of charge and doesn't have the ridiculous community that WoW has.

#10 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -

I'm probably going to get this. I came really late to the MMO party because I always forgot that GW was a F2P after buying the game itself.

#11 Posted by niamahai (1409 posts) -

2011 big MMOs
Guild Wars 2
SW: TOR *highly unlikely release this year*
i think GW2 and TOR can carve out a piece of the market for themselves, while Rift will probably achieve Star Trek Online status while TERA will be only popular in Asia.


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