Who's booze is stronger? Norn or Charr?

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I was just wondering who do you think have stronger liquor?

I remembered in the book Destiny's Edge the Charr had one called "Dread Rum" which was so potent it makes you speaks the truth. But on the other hand the Norn drink heavily ever hour on the hour (theirs even a thing on your Norn's personal story where you get drunk and pass out called Blacked Out)

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I'd say that the charr probably treat drinking as much like srs bsnss as everything else that they do, while the norn drink because they love to get hammered. So technically the charr, but if you just want to have a wild time then go with the norn.

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Charr for sure. I'm not sure I want to know what they'd put in their booze...

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I'd think the Charr are into other stuff than alcohol. Catnip of sorts.

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I actually don't drink much, so my opinion is a bit skewed, but I'd say it would be the Charr. Norns would prob drink something weaker, but much more of it.

Considering how badly I do with Gin (even though it's my favorite of the harder substances), I would rather party with a Norn too.

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