Will there be a trial of the game like the first one?

#1 Posted by manathirst (167 posts) -

I played a lot of the first one but I want to know if this game will run on my current rig and doesn't give me motion sickness. Are there any news of free trial?

#2 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3578 posts) -

Well... there will inevitably be one. As to how soon it will arrive or how it will be structured, we have no information.

#3 Posted by Maystack (904 posts) -

There was a free trial of the first game?

#4 Posted by Tarkhein (71 posts) -

@Maystack: There is a free trial of the first game; it took ages for them to implement a free trial though. Don't expect Guild Wars 2 to have a free trial for at least two years if Guild Wars 1 is any indication.

#5 Posted by pekarn (86 posts) -

@Maystack: When you bought it you got a code that you could give to a friend to give them a limited trial.

#6 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7198 posts) -

There will probably be a free weekend somewhere down the line. As for a trial, while it will happen, it's probably going to be a while like it is for most MMOs.

#7 Posted by Maystack (904 posts) -

@Tarkhein: @pekarn: That really surprises me. If I had know that I could have got a load of friends to try it out.

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