Wuv Wuv Wednesdays is returning! On Thursday!?

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So with Guild Missions looking to be super fun but with such a large influence reserve needed to delve into them, I'm starting up organized World Vs World (or Wuv Wuv) nights. However the coming school quarter I'm doing night classes on Wednesday so thats a no go, instead we're doing it on Thursday nights.

We'll start at 5:00PM PDT / 8:00 PM EDT / 1:00 AM GMT (Sorry European guys) and you must be on the YAKS BEND Server to participate. Sorry to our Bombers on other servers but if we do stuff like this we'll generate influence to do PvE stuff on the weekends.

What to expect: We'll be running around hitting small points like Sentries, Depots, Babies, Dolyaks, Buffer Npc camps, and maybe a few Towers if we get a big enough turnout.

Basically a Karma Train, but it'll be an influence train for us. Plus you get stuff like loot and xp and of course karma.

So yeah, Yaks Bend natives we be running around doing PvE stuff in WvW on Thursday nights.

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Get pumped for blowin' it up in WvW! Bring a designated driver, folks.

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:( I can't play....and I miss the Friday ones.

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Thurbleton's Throwdown Thursdays

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