WvW Updates

#1 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3771 posts) -

Mike Ferguson, systems designer for WvW, has written a new blog explaining some of the changes that you'll see in that mode for this weekend. While you may or may not have read elsewhere about those improvements, he also includes a list at the very end ranking the WvW performance of each world during the last BWE. We, uh... didn't do so hot.

#2 Posted by Grome (17 posts) -

We will rock it this weekend with our awesomeness!

#3 Posted by UssjTrunks (549 posts) -

We were .500 last time? Let's not embarrass ourselves this time. ;)

#4 Posted by RobbieMac (560 posts) -

@UssjTrunks: Sea of Sorrows rolled us twice I think.

#5 Posted by Maystack (927 posts) -

This time we gotta aim at 5 wins. At least.

#6 Posted by Fattony12000 (7887 posts) -

Is everyone else getting a hefty update upon loading up the client?

Also, the client is so sexy that it goes in FRONT of the wallpaper and BEHIND the Rainmeter stuff. YES.

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