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By now, the overview of the Guild Wars: Factions page has been overloaded with information. Here's the review part:
Guild Wars: Factions has been tailored more for fans of the previous and original game, even though the game stands by itself. The level cap to 20 is much easier, and the campaign wastes no time into getting the player right into the heart of skilled action, rather than the long exposition from the previous game. Also, you only get free skills by starter quests, and the rest you have to explore by purchasing them through skill trainers. By consequence, the green exclamation quest giving icons aren't as tantalizing as they used to be; and they are everywhere and numerous to be found.
That's not to say that Factions is a bad game. What's there to fix if the original work isn't outdated yet? Factions, in a better brief explanation, builds on what it knows and still keeps the game play tighter and more focused.  The campaign missions are action packed with more varieties of smart enemies and objectives. The Alliance Battles are the best PvP option out there for players who feel more casual into the topic, even if it's also one of the most frantic gameplay options.
As far as the new professions go, they are an excellent addition to the universe. The Assassin is an incredibly fun class to be in. The ability to strike deadly combos and stepping back when necessary makes it the most action oriented class in the Guild Wars universe, compared to the passive cast timings of an Elementalist or a Necromancer. The Ritualist is more of a utility class with its spirits and weapon enhancements, but it doesn't mean it's useless. By far, fans already used to Guild Wars will find excellent usage of the class as a secondary.
In terms of scenery, the entire continent of Cantha successfully gives you the feeling that you're not in Kans... I mean, Kryta anymore. Once you get out of the Shing Jea Monastery, the game already gives you a face full of scenery and depth, with promise that what comes next will be more astonishing to stop and look around than before. The mainland city, Kaineng City, does just so with the Asian urban sprawl, while the Kurzick and Luxon homelands are eerie and majestic in it's own right. Factions definitely confirms the improvements with its graphical prowess,
Factions delivers you the same feeling that the previous game did. By the end of the campaign, you feel accomplished to all the past achievements you have made. But then you realize that there's still so much to do; either if it's creating a new character to run through it again with an entirely new experience, or starting out that PvP you always feel intimidated from, but not any longer. It's rare that a game like this can give you the same fun experience without the nagging feeling of deja vu, but Factions does it. 
Fans will find more appreciation into the Guild Wars universe once they delve into the world of Factions. Newcomers may find themselves somewhat overwhelmed, but the experience after the hump is something to celebrate for. Please go and buy the game.


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