Ok people, I purchased Guild Wars back in 2005 but...

#1 Posted by woltkezero (63 posts) -

I never really played it because of Halo 2 xboxlive multiplayer and because of some other liitle game called World of Warcraft.. 
So I am finally getting around to play the game, I nolonger want to play or PAY for WOW.. Great game, but I'm sick of having to pay a monthly fee. 

So any recommendation when starting or restarting this game.

#2 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Find people you know who play it, and stick with 'em. Playing this game solo is like playing any old RPG. Also try and join a guild and participate in the PvP stuff, that's where the fun's at IMO. 
Last time I played this was in 2007 though.

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