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I bought GW when it first came out and have since bought every expansion for it but I always run into a wall. The game is awesome, I do love it, but there's always some point in the game that I reach where I just feel overwhelmed. I tended to play this game solo with henchies, then with heroes and henchies but there woudl always be some zone where you'd get bum rushed by 8-10 monsters all with different abilities that were setup really well to defeat the party and I just couldn't keep up with what was going on screen fast enough to survive some of the battles. 
Nightfall was the expansion where this seemed the worst but then GWEN came out and that made Nightfall seem like a goood Idea. :) 
So My question is has the difficulty gotten any mroe forgingin in teh past year or so, or are there some palces online I can read up on to find otu what it is I'm doing wrong? 
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I've owned every GW since their original releases and have dumped many many hours into them all. It's gotten progressively harder, and they've nerfed just about every skill that gave the player an edge in battle above and beyond the norm. At this point the only people who are able to go just about anywhere and do well are people with a bunch of player friends to avoid using henchmen or heroes, or people who have earned an enormous amount of gold and have the correct armor and skills to farm very specific areas. 
Guild wars wiki has a database of  party builds that are rated for usefulness so that's a good place to start. 
For me, they went too far with nerfing, and waaaaay too far messing up the economy with green items and mods for weapons for me to really care about GW anymore. I'm crossing my fingers that GW2 is more stable.

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Just seemed like every fight was a mess. And as much as these games are MMO like social experiences, I'm not dedicated to theg ame enough to be able to really do that sort of thign anymore. These games (and WoW) appeal to me because of the pick up and play nature that they have (or at least GW had for me back in the early days). I'd also hope for GW2 but have decided that I'm not building PC's to play games anymore and if it runs on whatever laptop I have then that's about what I'll run, and GW1 runs ok on my laptop. I doubt GW2 will run on my laptop at all.

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