Looking to get to 30/50 HoM from scratch, anyone still playing?

#1 Posted by Benny (2002 posts) -

I played prophecies when it was released and have managed to recover my 6 year old character. I've decided to order the expansions and go for 30/50 HoM points in time for GW2.

Is there any GB duders with a guild I could join for some advice, company etc. with this task?

I do also have a couple of questions regarding this process if anyone has time to spare.


#2 Posted by shinboy630 (1323 posts) -

I dont really have a guild per se, just one with a few RL friends I played with who have been afk for months (or even years). I would totally be down for helping you, though, seeing as I am 38/50 myself. Plus I just like helping people in Guild Wars. If you ever want to do anything, hit me up on steam (my profile is here), cause I am pretty much always on that.

#3 Posted by BabyChooChoo (5293 posts) -

I've been trying to get some people together for this purpose alone. If you or any other people feel like adding me so we can knock this out, add Baby ChuChu in-game or Baby Choo Choo on Steam (which I am always on so it will be easier to contact me)

#4 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1958 posts) -

I'd love some help with the last couple of Prophecy missions. Hit me up on Steam or Captain of Charisma on GW.

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Don't know if you go to Reddit, but on the Guild Wars subreddit, one of the top players wrote a guide on how to get 30/50 in HoM. http://www.reddit.com/r/GuildWars/comments/iu3qw/a_hom_guide_to_3050_aimed_at_beginners/ (Sorry, on my work computer and it has to run the old text editor. So I can't hyperlink it.) While some of the stuff he mentions sounds hard (and it is), having just achieved 30/50 myself, I recommend just finding a way to make money for yourself. I farmed Cloths of Brotherhood for a while until I got in to DoA with the Reddit guild (don't know if you know what any of that means). Have you actually started playing? Do you have a character you're currently playing or are you looking to start fresh?

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