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In the early 90', two brothers: Renan Gluzman and Roy Gluzman, founded Guillotine in Israel and became among the first Israeli based game companies ever. Their goal was to make games that would be made in Hebrew, have Hebrew V.O. and be published in Hebrew. Fitting to the times, they decided to focus on comic adventure games.  


Guilliotine first game was called "בתככי הרייטינג" which can be translated into "In the midst of rating" which was published in 1996. The player controlled character was named Elimelech Egoz (dubbed by Moshe Ferester who was a well known Israeli actor and comedian) who was a failed detective in the Israeli police. 

While the game was not the big break that Guilliotine wished for, It did gave them enough momentum to continue their work on fully fledged Israeli games. 


Guillotine's biggest, and last, project that spanned 4 games. The last of which was made with 3D graphics. This franchise gained popularity in Israel and a small industry of products was made around it, with a few comic books, a plush doll of the star: Hezi Piposh, and a short lived animation series.
The games were published in the US and Russia with a translation. 
This was the end of Guillotine, which closed in 2003.

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