Arc System Works just Filed the Trademark "Guilty Gear" in Japan

#1 Posted by Luke (1609 posts) -

That's right!  Arc System Works was probably able to finally buy back the Guilty Gear trademark from Sammy/SEGA, with all that much deserved BlazBlue money they hopefully raked-in! :D   
Man, I just simply cannot wait to see a new HD Guilty Gear... or heck, maybe even a Guilty Gear X BlazBlue! :O   
Here's the article over on Siliconera, if anyone's interested:    

What do you guys think will come of this?  Are you excited or what?  
#2 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19346 posts) -

I think a Guilty Gear X BlazBlue would be redundant.

#3 Posted by JJOR64 (18995 posts) -

Glad they will finally own Guilty Gear.  They said they were going to make a new GG eventually.  Would be great if they at least released GG:AA Plus for XBLA and PSN for the time being.

#4 Posted by ShadowKnight508 (659 posts) -

Great news indeed...I could use some more Guilty Gear in my life...I loved Guilty Gear X2, loved both Blazblue games (Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift), and I look forward to the next entry that ARC System Works can make for Guilty Gear.

#5 Posted by ricetopher (1046 posts) -

Fuck yeah! Now I just hope they don't dumb that shit down if they make a new one. 
And if they ever did a BB X GG they better base the fighting engine on GG and not BB lol.

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