Guitar Hero 5 DLC Not Compatible With World Tour

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For all those wondering whether the new DLC, already hinted at for Guitar Hero 5 this week, will work with your copy of World Tour, simply put ... it won't.

"Guitar Hero 5 downlodable content will be compatible with future Guitar Hero and Band Hero games," a rep told Destructoid. "However, the advancements and innovations made to the franchise do now allow for downloadable content to be backwards compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour." The "advancements and innovations" mentioned are the new band moments, Expert + on the drums and vocal star power.

So if you were quite content to sit back on your copy of World Tour and just keep on adding to the title with DLC, think again. Activision wants you to buy Guitar Hero 5 to access all future downloadable content. How nice of them.
this is why Rock Band is superior to guitar hero, way to milk your fanbase, Activision.

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I realized how money grubbing they were when I bought the Metallica game and realized they only let you download fucking Metallica songs from the store. Weak stuff right there. 

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