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Ok, I've been going for the "Play a standard Band VS Band game, win or lose" achievement for a while now, but whenever I find people, it either never hits the 8 players needed or it just drops the players I've been connected with. At first I thought it was my connection, but then I realized that I can find games in all of the other types. Assuming that it was related to the utter lack of singers online, I plugged in a mic and made it easier on the game. Still nothing. I tried it at every difficulty too. I've noticed as well that anyone I've been "matched with" doesn't have the achievement either. Is the matchmaking for this game type broken? Or should it be chalked up to the utter lack of singers online? Is anyone else even having this problem?

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it's not just you. I've been sitting in the lobby for about an hour now, and find that it costantly drops all my players. I've managed to get seven players quite frequently, before all of them leave and it starts searching from scratch. I'm thinking its a lfaw int he matchmaking system, but haven't found anything on the official forums that suggest others are having the same problem. I've found its happened in all of the competitive online game types, i've had no problems in career or quickplay mulitplayer lobbies.

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