New Drums For Guitar Hero 5

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#51 Edited by NathHaw (2804 posts) -

I like the World Tour set, but never purchased it myself.  Whenever we have jam sessions over at my friend's place, I always play drums.  I'd figured I'd have bought the game myself, but I'll probably just wait for the packaged GH5 now if everything works out.

#52 Posted by Hughes (399 posts) -

And I just bought the GHWT set. Ah well.

#53 Posted by Jared (563 posts) -

No more plastic crap!

#54 Posted by carlthenimrod (1599 posts) -

I'm still waiting for the ultimate peripheral. A drum set that turns into a guitar that turns into a skateboard that turns into a gun. Make it happen Activision.

#55 Posted by Vision (796 posts) -

Oh well an electric drumkit + a midi out cable + setting up the drumbrain for Rockband or Guitar Hero = Profit.

#56 Posted by Dimsey (967 posts) -

Looks fine but my gaming area is frickin' tiny and my six guitars, my rock band drums and the microphone take up a lot of space so you can bet your ass I won't be getting these.
If my RB drums kick the bucket though then sure, these will be the ones I grab. They look pretty good.

#57 Posted by Nettacki (1320 posts) -

I thought the best set was any one of those stock drums fitted with GoodWood pads?

#58 Posted by Bruce (5264 posts) -

There should be an online tool that caculates how many real instruments you could have purchased over the course of both RB and GH's run.

#59 Posted by lacke (360 posts) -

I have the ION drums but I was thinking about getting the GHWT drums because I wanted to see how it played with 5 pads. Not really that interested in GHWT but I am interested in Metallica, GH5's and Van Halen. I'm glad I held off though, I'll probably get the GH5 bundle because my current guitars are getting worn out again.

#60 Posted by AURON570 (1679 posts) -

the pedal looks even worse.

#61 Posted by billygoat117 (134 posts) -

I only have Rock Band, but I tried World Tour at a friend's house and HATED the kick pedal. It doesn't seem like it has enough space between being at rest and completely depressed. Can anybody else corroborate this? Or at least sympathize? If that got changed, I would totally pick these up (and the game too, obviously). Although (short rant incoming) I also don't like how the kick pedal line on the note highway is purple. You can't see it very well. Anyway, thoughts? Anybody?

#62 Posted by Southgrove (323 posts) -

MMmmm.. do want

#63 Posted by theMcNasty (740 posts) -

I haven't bought anything in this series.  Once Beatles Rock Band comes out though, that will certainly change.

#64 Posted by spiceninja (3070 posts) -

I want to buy the ones out now, but the next set looks even better. I think I'll hold off until Guitar Hero 7. Maybe they'll have mastered everything and they wont make any more...who am I kidding.

#65 Posted by Media_Master (3283 posts) -

No thanks

#66 Posted by DaSoul (228 posts) -
@MythDarK said:
" I really hope they work better then the drums from World Tour.  Those where sometimes low sensitive, had to hit really hard on the red one.

" FIRST!!!Just kidding,i might get the new gh for these "
I bet you're just sitting in front of the screen and updating the website every 10 seconds. "
Actually no,i saw the news with 0 comments doing my evening gaming site check.
And my old drums actualy broke within 4 days
#67 Posted by Tally_Pants (594 posts) -

i cant stress enough how terrible the Rock Back kick pedal is!! and this pic does not look like a good design.. think about how many times you'll be hitting ur hand on the little plastic rectangle with the (D-Pad / Start button / PS3(360) button) when ur playing the game. and as a tall person..with long legs.. i like the freedom that comes with putting the kick pedal on GH WT anywhere thats comforatible for me, i always have to put the kit so far away from me with rock band and its just overall awkward to play! rock band = f*ckin sh*t !!

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