ps3 controller wireless?

#1 Posted by North6 (419 posts) -

Did they ever make gh (5) controller use bluetooth on ps3?  I remember there was a minor to-do about it when gh3 came out, and I'm trying to weigh ps3 vs 360 version now as I want to buy gh5 and and looking for a reason to lean either direction...

#2 Posted by timay (198 posts) -

If its like the Rock Band guitars then its wireless but not bluetooth so you need a dongle that uses a usb port. Don't know for sure though,

#3 Posted by Munchlax (34 posts) -

Yeah. Both the PS2 and PS3 controllers require a dongle in the USB port to connect the controllers to the system. The Wii and Xbox 360 versions don't need a dongle. If you're picking between the 360 and the PS3, pick the 360, for three reasons. 

  1. The 360 version doesn't require a dongle.
  2. The 360 version can have your avatars as rockers.
  3. The 360 also has GH2 available to them.
#4 Posted by FartyMcNarly (566 posts) -

They were lazy and didn't want to make two sets of controllers and bluetooth was probably more expensive. 
I'd get the ps3 version just to spite munchlax.

#5 Posted by Munchlax (34 posts) -

I've got the Wii version. I'd just assume that the 360 version is better due to those three things.

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