Rock Band cymbals, do they work yet?

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So do they at least work. I dont really care if it even adds the 5th note track. 
I got them in my amazon gold box today and if they work with GH5 I might get them as I only have RB2 drums and would like to get these since I've been playing more and more music games (drum, I suck too hard at guitar), and already preordered Beatles rock band. If they at least work with GH5 I will probably get them. If anyone has them can they test them out if they already haven't? I read a few forum posts on the rock band website and soemone said they worked but the imput is the same as the pads, which is good enough for me.
I have the PS3 versions of all the games, I got PS3 drums so well, I buy all the games for PS3.

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They work with my X360. You don't get two separate cymbal tracks however.

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