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Let's stop playing the "Enabler"

First off I just want to say, I love the GH series.  Furthermore, I do like this game.  The problem is, I am tired of enabling these companies.  This is the series that among all games should be made into direct download games.  Stop with the discs.  I can't play half the songs I wanted to play from GHWT even after purchasing a license.  Very aggravated that my Ozzy songs are not playable.  VERY!  Even more than that, I am getting the free Van Halen game thanks to the promo, with no word on if THOSE songs are transferable.  Than interface is so strange and hard to navigate that I don't even think my Hot for Teacher DL content was transferred to this game.  So here I have 3 GH games, with a total of about 40 songs that transferred over.  Make that about 20 songs, because half of the transfers were the Neversoft originals and the "out there" groups that casual fans have never heard of.  Sorry to be blunt, but I really don't care if I can play a speed metal thrasher song.  I want the music that they used to sell these damn games!  
On a side note, the new set list, I don't care what people say, is very good.  The one problem when getting people together with GHWT was finding something for everyone.  It was either classic rock, punk, metal, or nothing.  The addition of Johny Cash, Ramstein, and select other groups, even as limited as the selection is, makes this game work for more people and I enjoy that very much.  
What I want to see in this series is one game.  Give me the GH 5 concept, and when you find GH 6 in production, consider making it a mod for GH 5.  Let me DL it to the HD and let me play the songs I paid for in the first game.  Don't BS me about content licensing and then give me half the content.  I didn't pay money to get the opening act.  I want the headliners to stay from one game to the next.  
Before I close out, there is one more thing that needs to be addressed.  Lag.  Calibration in this game hits an all time low with the manual calibration.  A quickset auto calibration would have at the very least put gamers in the ballpark.  Instead, you are stuck calibrating the instruments manually, only to find out the calibration slips when you add another player to the mix.  Each additional instrument pushes the calibration that much further off.  So why spend an hour calibrating each instrument for a party, only to find that all of them suffer once the party starts?  


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