fiveoutafive's Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Xbox 360) review

It might be worth it just to play Dream On and Cat Scratch Fever

Let's face it, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is pretty much Guitar Hero 3. There are a few adjustments (the most notable being the hammer ons and pull offs aren't mushy feeling) but the one thing that makes it stand out the most other than it being mostly Aerosmith is it's lack of content. It's not that 41 songs isn't a lot of songs, or that any of the songs aren't fun to play, it's the fact that its asking for 60 dollars for what should be something that goes for about 40. Yet, the content you do get is a fantastic game of Guitar Hero that should please people who can beat the other games on hard. The difficulty is so that if you hit the brick wall known as the last tier of songs in Guitar hero 3 on hard, you should be able to play through the game fairly briskly even on expert. I beat Guitar Hero: Aerosmith on expert in a couple of hours, without being able to beat Guitar Hero 3 on Hard or Expert. So if your able to get through the fire and flames on expert, you will probably 5 star the entire game, but it will still be fun.All in all I deem this a must rent for those having a plastic guitar that needs loving. As for the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith bundle, if your that hardcore buy the Guitar hero 3 bundle and make your own Aerosmith faceplate. Seriously bro, knock back a few cold ones and get out some rattle can and the masking tape.

Posted by Fiveoutafive

i would love some feedback on the review

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You can play Dream On in Guitar Hero III as it was DLC.

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