mymanwich's Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Xbox 360) review

Standard Guitar Hero Fare

Let's start with a question: Is there anything wrong with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith? The answer is no, not particularly. Here's another one: Is Guitar Hero: Aersmith another Guitar Hero game? I'm in the camp that says no. This is definitely not a stand alone  Guitar Hero game. This is a song pack. Granted, it's a rather large song pack, but a song pack all the same.
If you've played any previous Guitar Hero and particularly the third installment, there's no surprises here. Really, nothing. The only difference between this and the last one last one is that after each level of songs you get a 2 minute interview with the band. I guess if you're a hard-core Aerosmith fan this would be a bonus, but if you're just a casual observer such as myself, these interviews are boring and pretty non-sensical.

And yes, boss battles are back in all their stupid glory.

Here's the interesting thing about this game: it's not just Aerosmith. Each level begins with two songs by bands that I gather have either performed with or existed at the same time in the space time continuum as Aerosmith. I'm glad the Cult's in there, but I never really figured out why a game with Aerosmith in the title wouldn't draw entirely from the bands huge library of songs.

Surprisingly the track list is heavily laden with either early Aerosmith or the kind of stuff you've never heard because it's from the last 2 years, and well, you know, they kind of suck now.

Only one song appears off of their Pump album and it's not "Jaime's Got a Gun". How can you make a game called Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and not include what's possibly their biggest hit? And is it me, or did they censor the word "High" in Pink as in "makes me high as a kite"? Even while focusing on the guitar, this lyrical omission really threw me off.

Again, HUD, graphic style and even the completely lifted tutorial are your standard fare. The character models for Aerosmith look pretty good on a whole, but would it have killed them to give Steven Tyler a second or third finishing animation? If I have to watch that freak spin his mic around with his scarf wrapped around it over his head one more time I think I'll scream

Rent or Buy?
A definite rent. A fine afternoon and some easy gamerscore points are worth $7, but that's it.

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