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Guitar Hero: Achievements ... em, I mean Aerosmith.

Just like Activision has done with this game, I'll keep it short.

Things they got wrong:

  • Including only 31 songs in the career mode (with about 10 more to buy from the shop) but still charging the same price you would pay for GH3.
  • Missing some of the monster Aerosmith songs from the setlist.  I wouldn't class myself as a fan but missing: Cryin', Janie's got a gun, Dude looks like a lady, I don't wanna miss a thing, Take me to the other side is poor. Heck I would have settled for a blast of Permanent Vacation to bring some life into the game.
  • The Aerosmith songs they included on the whole were quite poor.  A lot of obscure or brand new stuff that I hadn't heard of.  Mostly blues riff types.  They 'guest' songs were all a bit lame too, the only one worth noting was the Lenny Kravitz one.
  • The headline song was Train kept a rollin.  Really?  It's terrible and if we all remember correctly, included in Rockband, stuck in somewhere where it didn't matter, because it didn't.
  • Character models look distressed, are badly lit and are stiffer than Steven Tyler with an evening guest pass to the Playboy mansion.
  • Still including that awful 'battle mode' in solo and online.
  • Having positive value achievements for losing matches etc.  Are you guys stupid?  Why would we WANT to lose matches?
  • etc.

Things they got right:
  • Making the achievements so easy you can get about half of them with your eyes closed.  Smart move Activision.  Don't think that it's gone unnoticed...we're watching you.

I'm maybe being a tad harsh. If you like GH3 then you'll get some enjoyment out of this and a lot more achievements that would have got from GH3. You'll probably rent it though, like I did.

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