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Review on game and bundle guitar.

Guitar Hero Aerosmith is nearly the same as guitar hero 3 except there are new clothes, venues, guitars, characters, but the main matter is the song list.

Guitar Hero Aerosmith plays a lot like you are playing as Aerosmith. You have 6 tiers which consist of 5 songs. You start of with 2 non-Aerosmith songs and after passing them you have to play 2 Aerosmith songs before getting an encore song which is by Aerosmith. So, it is a bit like being at a gig, you have the opening act and then the band you payed to see which is a neat idea. But this makes about 30% of the setlist non Aerosmith.

Aerosmiths music style however is a lot easier to pass when you compare it to the difficulty in GH3. If you passed that game on expert then you will find this game a breeze, however neversoft faffed about with 3 button chords to make songs harder than they look. Due to the fact Aerosmith is more riff music than insane solo, Neversoft try to make the game challenging by putting chords where chords do not belong, and just over complicating charts with 3 button chords. I recommend you youtube search "train kept a rollin expert guitar hero aerosmith" if you do not believe me.

However, there is only 40 (aprox) tracks in the game. If you are not a die hard Aerosmith fan then you might not like this one bit. The setlist is short and there is no DLC after nearly 6 months of a release. The game gets dry, it gets stale because there is nothing else to do. So, for this I have to take a few stars off. There is also the lack of songs like "crazy" "I don't want to miss a thing" and Dude looks like a lady.

Overview on game:
Too short and a DLC pack is very very welcome here and the game gets stale in about a fortnight. It is worth a rent and a possible purchace if you are a huge aerosmith fan, such as myself.


Now, it is simple to say "this guitar is the same one from GH3" and I will say it is not. Firstly, I would say it is more tough, reliable and durable than the GH3 one seeming though my GH3 one broke in a fortnight. With that said there is something I need to warn you people about; the tilt sensor. It is very light and unstable, even holding it straight sets the sensor off which was such a letdown. Which makes me say...Avoid it. 2*


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