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Same Old Song and Dance

Ha HA! Aren't I clever, see I made the title of this review a direct allusion to the title of an Aerosmith song (which, ironically, isn't in this game)!

 Hey have you played Guitar Hero? Do you like Aerosmith? Would you like to see them put together in one inconvenient and phoned-in package? Well, ok then. Here you go.

Let's get started with the nitty-gritty here. It's Guitar Hero but with a decent but not spectacular selection of Aerosmith songs and songs by other artists that "inspired or opened with Aerosmith" or something to that nature. As far as the gameplay goes, as is with all rhythm games, you'll get the most  enjoyment out of it if you like the songs. I'm not a huge Aerosmith fan, but I found a good 10 or so songs here that I dug and played constantly, with the others ranging from OK (Stone Temple Pilots song) to terrible ("Uncle Salty", really?). Obviously there's no DLC or full band support -except guitar/bass of course- so what you see (with the exception of a few unlockable songs) is what you get. There's some interviews with the band during the Career mode, and the stages are inspired by album covers or concerts that the band gave, but otherwise this is just a flashy skin for Guitar Hero III.

So it all comes down to how much you like Aerosmith and how much you like Guitar Hero. If you can find the game cheap (since they're practically giving this game away with any Guitar Hero purchase at GameStop, it shouldn't be that hard) and you see that you like a few songs on the playlist, go for it.  Otherwise just download the free demo from PSN, play it 'til your heart's content, then delete it and move on to a real rhythm game.

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