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Guitar Hero 2 is a great rythem that offers hours of fun

Before buying the xbox360 version of this game, i had previously played the ps2 versions of this game and enjoyed both the first and second games. However, they failed to bring complete longevity game because of the limited number of songs you had to pick from. This is where te xbox360 exceeds with about 10 new songs that come with it, along with 9 other downloadable songs from the first guitar hero. While this may not seem like much right now, this opens the door to a realm of possibilities for other songs that fans have been wanting from the beginning (ACDC anyone?) Along with this, GH2 also comes with a completely new controller that not performs better but also looks alot cooler. The only main problem with it is that its not wireless, but this not detract from the overall experience, it just kind of drag that you can go out of control and jump around at the end of a huge solo. On the graphics side, it doesn't look a whole lot better other than the lighting effects appear to be brighter and more realistic. But seperates this version from the ps2 version the most is the acheivements. They start out with some fairly easy ones such as refusing an encore, beating easy mode etc. However, along with these come some fairly difficult ones, such as beating Jordan on Expert and getting and 1000 note streak! This type of balance allows players from all over the spectrum to nab some points. So, Overall, GH2 for the xbox360 is deffinitely a must own for anyone who has been dying to rock out to their favorite songs in ways that were never possible until now.

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