crzza's Guitar Hero II (PlayStation 2) review

Pretty damn good, with minor downsides

Guitar Hero Two is easily better than three to me. Three is all flahs and no subssentce. I knwo all the songs in this game which makes it even better. And its not as hard which means I can beat it easier. See? Three doesnt match up to the easyness of Two. I like easy games which helps push this to the top of the Guitar Hero Todum Pole and my collection. its not the best in my collection yet it is near the top. Its nothing COmpared To Brawl or various others. Its just good. But it has to be somewhere in the top five. It has no flashy ghraphics though. The graphics arent really as good. Thats why it cant get a perfect score from me. Its funny th way I gave Three less points for good graphics. Myabe I just got mad about it stealing two's spotlight considering how much I like it. I beat it easy and Im sure if you dont have it, you NEEED it!


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    GH2 on the PS2 is an all around great game. 0

    Title says it all. GH2 on the PS2 is an all around great game. Good graphics for the PS2, and great songs. I haven't played the 360 version, so I can't do any comparisons, but from what I've played of it, the PS2 version is spectacular. While most of the songs are heavy metal, Activision tries their best to avoid Cookie Monster Rock. The game also does a good job avoiding to many heavy metal songs. Overall, for all PS2 owners, this is a must buy!...

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    Amazing. 0

    This was the first Guitar Hero game for me, and i am really glad I tried it out. Its all the fun of a rhythm based game like DDR but you feel was less stupid playing it, and the music is way better. The graphics are surprisingly solid, especially considering that a game like this doesn't really need any. Everything is shiny/flashy, and the light shows and smoke effects are pretty cool, giving off that rock star look. The audience is actually pretty well animated, better than crowds usually are i...

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