For the guitar heros that never completed TTFAF..Join me!

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Here i sit, in a phoenix hotel room during my on board training for my first post college job. In less than a week I'll be the manager for 50 hourly workers at a distribution center in small town USA. Do I have any regrets? Only one. Never beating Through the Fire and Flames when I was a freshman in college during the heyday of Guitar Hero 3. I was close, but I didn't get that most sought after achievement. 
So I ask you Giant Bomb, can you change history? Can you tempt fate by doing the impossible? I say, yes!
For those people that never completed that last song. Here is your chance. When I get back to my apartment this sunday, I'm going to buy a wireless GH 3/ World tour/ GH5 guitar and a copy of Legends of Rock or Smash hits and finish what I started. Beat the intro, beat the song. Come along on this journey with me!
I'm practicing about 45 min or so a day and it should take me about a month to get back to speed on expert and beat the song. I'm going to chronicle my progress in this thread. Anyone else that wants to redeem themselves and beat the beast that they never slayed, this is your chance. 
Commit and succeed to finishing what we started! Through the fire and the flames we carry on!

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Good luck man. I gave up after I obliterated one of my controllers out of blinding rage. I did beat on expert in Guitar Hero Smash Hits but it's quite a bit easier in that game.

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