if your first GH3 song was TTFAF and you scored 100%...

#1 Posted by Kant (19 posts) -

how many achievement points would you earn?

#2 Posted by Bear (248 posts) -

Depending on if you use star power and have the sound volume set to zero the most you could possibly get is: 130

#3 Posted by AnEternalEnigma (295 posts) -

He said achievement points.

#4 Posted by CoolDrMoney (2018 posts) -
AnEternalEnigma said:
"He said achievement points."
ummm, I think Bear was talking about achievement points
#5 Edited by Justaddwater (300 posts) -

Perfectionist (100% a song)  - 10g
Inhuman - 15g
250k - 5g
500k - 10g
750k - 20g
100 note streak - 5g
250 note streak - 10g
500 note streak - 15g
1000 note streak - 20g
activate sp 3 times during ttfaf (if played in quick play)  - 15g
I guess tone deaf if you turned the sound down - 5g

125gs? math hurt brain

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