This costs as much as a new game.

#1 Posted by Hichael (194 posts) -

I never played Guitar Hero 3.

I would love to play it but it costs as much as a brand new game(Guitar and disc); It's been almost 5 years and the price has not gone down a whole lot. I buy 1 or 2 games every 6 months to a year and I was wondering if any of you had cheaper solutions for me? Also should I get a MadCatz guitar?

But seriously though,why does it cost so much? The game itself is about 7 dollars or so on amazon, but then the guitar itself is 50 bucks. I would imagine this game doesn't exactly sell very well especially after almost 5 years. I feel like I'm in a weird spot where the price for the guitars has gone up because of manufacturing.


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That sounds abnormal, I've seen the guitar and game together for as low as $10 years ago (used)...

#3 Posted by fox01313 (5180 posts) -

Strange though out of all the GH games I've played, my favorite is still GH Metallica. Maybe look at the other GH games after 3 for the guitar controller cheaper then go after GH3 game disc without the controller.

#4 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12351 posts) -

I got that game, and a guitar for like $20 (new) a couple years ago. It was the PS3 version, so maybe that's why.

#5 Posted by MayorFeedback (685 posts) -

Do yourself a favor and play Rock Band instead.

And guitars for both games can be found aplenty for next to nothing on Craigslist.

#6 Posted by WobibrosfordApe (12 posts) -

Why GH3? I can't say it's a very good entry in the series. I guess the incredibly loose HOPOs make it a good starting point though?

#7 Posted by ajamafalous (12967 posts) -
@WobibrosfordApe said:

Why GH3? I can't say it's a very good entry in the series. I guess the incredibly loose HOPOs make it a good starting point though?

Soundtrack, probably.
#8 Posted by WobibrosfordApe (12 posts) -

Go for Rock Band 3 than. All the soundtrack you could possibly want and cheap.

#9 Posted by Hichael (194 posts) -

Ok cool thanks everyone. Currently scouring the internet looking for hot dealz and what not.

#10 Posted by stinky (1564 posts) -

thinking of taking mine to goodwill, there will soon be a good deal on at least one copy of the game.

#11 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1361 posts) -

People prefer the GH3 guitar to most others and they are hard to find. I have like 3 GH3 guitars in my closet haha

#12 Posted by laserbolts (5507 posts) -

It's crazy how the aftermath of this plastic guitar craze is closets everywhere with a few plastic guitars stuck up in the corner. I'm glad I didn't get the drums.

#13 Posted by Lumley (1025 posts) -

As for as Guitar Hero games go Guitar Hero 2 is superior to Guitar Hero 3 (I partly say that as a Harmonix fanboy).

As for the hardware, I've tried out every guitar that they've released for these kinds of games and the Guitar Hero 3 controller is definitely the best wireless choice (although they don't last forever, everyone I know that had a guitar hero 3 controller had it break on them).

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