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Since the first of December I've been waiting for my new issue of Game Informer to be delivered to my house. Why you ask? The first details of Guitar Hero: Metallica are included in the magazine, and I've been ravenous for info on this game since July when it was accidentally unveiled. The fucking magazine has yet to show up, but the fine folks at Giant Bomb have pulled through and gotten the details on the game. Here is my assessment on it all thus far:

The Setlist So Far:


  • Enter Sandman A no brainer really. I like the song a lot but it's gotten a bit tired over the years. Nevertheless, it was fun to play in Rock Band 1.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls Quite possibly my favorite Metallica song. I could listen to this song a million times and not get sick of it. I have like four live cuts of it on my iPod.
  • Fuel One of the best songs on Reload, second to Unforgiven II. Really fun song to listen to, and probably to play.
  • Hit the Lights One of the top three songs on Kill 'Em All, the solo is really gunna be brutal even by Metallica standards.
  • King Nothing A great selection from Load, I just hope they put Bleeding Me in the final game.
  • Master of Puppets No brainer, knew this would have to be in the game.
  • No Leaf Clover A surprising choice. For those of you who don't know, No Leaf Clover was a song performed exclusively on the live album S&M, which was performed with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. It's a good tune, and it's good to know that they're going to be sampling their entire catalogue.
  • Nothing Else Matters One of the tamer Metallica songs (it being a ballad and all), it's still a great choice because everyone knows it.
  • Sad But True Another Black Album song. Not my favorite from the album, but I'd still play it.
  • The Unforgiven I really hope they do The Unforgiven II as well, seeing as how this is in there along with Unforgiven III as DLC. That would make my day.
  • Where I May Roam Might be my favorite song on the black album. AND THE ROAD BECOMES MY BRIDE!!!!!!

Songs from other, non-Metallica bands will include:

  • Alice in Chains - No Excuses Great AiC tune. No complaints here.
  • Bob Seger - Turn the Page I like Seger, though the song might be a bit boring since it's a bit
  • Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather Judas Priest, no surprises here. I like the song.
  • Kyuss - Demon Cleaner Never heard of the song...I'll download and possibly amend this section later.
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesdays Gone Nice to see a good Skynyrd song in here.
  • Mastodon - Blood and Thunder I haven't heard this song yet, but Colony of Birchmen was pretty good in RB2.
  • Michael Schenker Group - Armed and Ready No comment, haven't heard it.
  • Samhain - Mother of Mercy Interesting to say the least. My friend is a huge fan of Danzig and the Misfits and has told me about Samhain before, and that they were a short little side project helmed by Danzig after he left the Misfits. I really hope they put the Misfit's Last Caress in there, as it's my favorite song by them.
  • The Sword - Black River I don't know anything about the Sword other than they wrote that song Freya from GH2 and that they're presently touring with Metallica. Freya was a pretty cool song though.


     It was uncovered when GHWT launched that you could use double bass pedals in RB2 if you used the GHWT kit. I don't have a GHWT kit, and I lack the coordination for double bass, but this is amazing news for drummers, as many Metallica songs use double bass. The expert plus difficulty for drums should really make things interesting.


    Like in GH: Aerosmith, the game is gunna have videos and trivia about the band, along with new tones for GH Tunes. This is welcome news since I can never find a really good tone when I want to make a cover of a song in GH Tunes. I almost had a cover of the Unforgiven going but it fell flat after thirty seconds. Sounds good, but the song list is what really has me excited about the game.

What do you guys think? Are you pumped, or do you not give a shit?

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Where is Fade To Black? I am serious when I am saying that I won't buy that game unless that is a song in it.

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So far so good for the set list. The Metallica choices are good so far (Though there are some songs I'm still waiting for, especially Disposable Heroes, which is probably my favorite Metallica song of all time) and the opening act bands are shaping up nicely, even if I would rather have a different song from Judas Priest and Alice in Chains.

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Enjoyed you comments on the selections. I too am hoping for all the Unforgivens.

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Jesus Christ, you haven't heard Kyuss?
Get their album Welcome To Sky Valley, it's one of my fave albums ever.

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I just took a dump in my pant's. OMG! They should put some Death Magnetic in tho! BUT ZOMG I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. *has epic seizure*

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Death Magnetic is out as DLC already.

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"Fuel" is an in-joke amongst my group of friends. 

We'll go around and say, "Gimme fuel, gimme figh, gimme double-tadduh-sigh! Oooh!"

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Wow, also--Kyuss?  That's sort of crazy, being that Kyuss is one of my favorite bands and that they have little to do with Metallica.  In fact, I'd be surprised if Metallica had even heard of Kyuss. 

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Pretty good setlist right there.  Most of the popular Metallica tunes are there, so it'll sell good I'm guessing.

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Where's Four Horsemen?  What about Sanitarium?  Basically, all I'm seeing is that shitty black album with a fucking symphony-backed S&M piece of horse shit.

Where's Bleeding Me?  That's got a SWEET riff.  What about Harvester of Sorrow, or Shortest Straw?

I mean, I UNDERSTAND that this is a game going to the mainstream, so they are of course going to focus on the singles.

But for FUCK'S SAKE, THEY HAVE KYUSS AND THE SWORD ON THAT GAME!!!  I'm PRETTY sure they could get fucking obscure for the Metallica fans.

If they do NOT include Creeping Death, this entire fucking game fails.  No...no...it doesn't fail.

It doesn't fucking exist.
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Saw them live last week, fucking amazing

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There's still a lot of songs to be revealed, and I will also be pissed if Sanitarium isn't in here. I hope that those songs are all that comes from the Black album because a lot of that shit is overplayed. I agree with you on the Bleeding Me, that is my favorite from Load...

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Everyones_A_Critic said:

There's still a lot of songs to be revealed, and I will also be pissed if Sanitarium isn't in here. I hope that those songs are all that comes from the Black album because a lot of that shit is overplayed. I agree with you on the Bleeding Me, that is my favorite from Load...

I honestly just think that it was just the songs that were chosen to be revealed first, and I'm sure we'll see more of the stuff we're looking forward to down the line as more of the songs are revealed.
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I am really liking the track list so far, especially glad to see some S&M got in there since it is possibly my all time favorite thing Metallica has ever done. I just hope they put absolutely nothing from St. Anger on it. Can not wait for this game to come out.

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Seeing as how the drum tracks would get annoying on St. Anger and the entire album has no guitar solos whatsoever I think it's safe to say that we'll be seeing none if not very little representation from that album.

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dude i had to reply to your comment under the article from Giant Bomb on this...Load is definately underaprecitated along with ReLoad..
My favorite song from ReLoad was Where The Wild Things Are...

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as a hardcore tallica' fanboy I must agree

I just hope we get Seek & destroy and the Four Horseman

and I wouldn't mind Harvester of Sorrow either

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word on the harvester of sorrow

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So far, from the entire set list that I've seen...the only thing that is holding my interest is "Blood and Thunder" by Mastodon...because Mastodon is the shit.  Period.

I understand that there will be more difficult stuff announced at a later time, but with something like 28 Metallica songs showing up on the game and 12 or so other bands...I'm just not impressed yet.  I mean, The Sword has FAR better songs for a music/rhythm game than "Black River".  I also think that something like "Angry Chair" or "Frogs" by AiC would've been cooler than "No Excuses".

As for the Metallica portion, though...I know it's all singles so far.  That's fine and dandy.  However...seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  I mean, for announcing some songs right off the bat, they could've given a better mix of old and new...at least I think.  The songs they announced from the old stuff is great and all, but it would've been nice to see one song from the past that was a bit more obscure from the mainstream of what people know.  Hell, I'll just come right out and say it:

If they don't announce "Dyer's Eve" for this game, I'm gonna be pissed.  That's where a real challenge will be.

Other than that, I fucking loathe the black album aside from "My Friend of Misery" and "Don't Tread on Me".  The rest of the album is lackluster to me.

There is also a rumor that Machine Head will be showing up on the setlist...and if that's true, I'm more excited about that one Machine Head song than the entirety of the Metallica game.  I'm just hoping they go for the old school and get "Bay of Pigs", but they'll probably grab one of the singles from the new album.  I'd absolutely shit my pants for "Descend The Shades of Night".

*EDIT*  "Fuel" and "Unforgiven II"?  Really?!  Eek.  I would rather have "Where the Wild Things Are" or "Better Than You", as those seem like better full band songs all around.  Also...

Everyones_A_Critic said:
"If I had it my way I would put every song from everything up to Load in the game. I bet Fade to Black will be in the final game, it's one of their more well known songs."
I would rather see more songs from Load than some of the past albums.  I don't know, maybe that's fully just personal tastes, but Load was an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G album.  Not having "Bleeding Me" or "The Outlaw Torn" on there would be an injustice to good music all around!!!
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My dreams already came true with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Now if only they had added some classic hits they overlooked from the band's library, instead of adding stuff from other groups.

And no... I'm not kidding.

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I give a shit. A major shit.
I'm hoping for some lesser known classics in their as well, like "Orion".
Also, I hope they have "I Disappear" which is my favorite Metallica song, just because of the nostalgia (first Metallica song I heard as a kid).

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i dunno

i was excited a few months ago, but now i dont really care about guitar hero/rb anymore.

maybe if this was available 5 years ago while i was living in a shared accomodation smoking with mates.

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as a sworn Metallica fan I can but be so excited about this game , after all Guitar Hero : Metallica will be my very first rhythmic game since I purchase everything that has the name Metallica in its title

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The Outlaw Torn, in all of it's 10 minute and 48 second glory, would be the most epic full band song ever.

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