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Metal Up Your Ass 0

With more Guitar Hero games than Metallica albums, the Hall of Fame inductees are long overdue their own plastic-instrument-rock-a-thon. Activison took a little bit of a holier than thou approach with their only other single-band title, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith; so fans of the biggest metal act in the world will be hoping this isn’t just another cash-cow and provides a product worthy of the band and the full whack price tag. From the get-go it’s clear to see that a lot of effort has been put in t...

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THE METAL GODS SMILE UPON US, FOR METALLICA ARE HERE!It was only going to be a matter of time until the legendary heavy metal band Metallica was given their own Guitar Hero game, and for good reason. The popular American rockers have produced some of the most beloved rock music of the past two decades, tracks that feature many iconic guitar rifts and unforgettable lyrics. Guitar Hero developers Neversoft were given the tough job of recreating a game worthy of the band heavy metal image, afterall...

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A return to form 0

GH: Metallica brought what was the mediocre GH; World Tour into new light. this game is so finely tuned for any metallica or even general metal fan, that it is INSANE!!! Drums:my personal favorite instrument to play on music games, the drums have been tuned so that the notes are easier to read. for example, instead of a purple bar below the note path for the bass pedal, u have a white line divided by black lines between each note. this is really helpful for distinguishing hand hit notes from foo...

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Small Improvements 0

While I know I may not be the truest fan of Metallica, and this game is therefore not geared towards me, I tried it with an open mind.  My initial impression of the game was pretty surprising, as I was not a fan of GH:WT.  Neversoft have managed to make some good improvements to the game mechanics that I desperately wanted so I could finally enjoy it as much as RB/RB2.  Sadly, I soon realized that while these mechanics were indeed a good step forward this game lacks much of the musical soul that...

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A cheesy tribute to Metallica 0

While I am not admittedly the biggest Metallica fan, I do enjoy listening to their songs and they have some incredibly cool guitar riffs. The problem comes when you play a game that puts them on a pedestal that is way too high and makes them seem like the best metal band to ever exist. Everything about this game is simply a big loving blowjob to the band and it gets annoying from about the second song. I will continue to play it because of the other songs they packed along with this, but as far ...

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The Thing That Should Not Be..... 2

 Remember back in 2005, when the Playstation 2 was still in its prime? The Gamecube was waning in popularity, and X-box 360 was just announced. During the fall of that year, there was really little that was truly memorable for Sony’s system. Then, a lovely surprise came to our retail stores, that game, was Guitar Hero. The game, packaged with a nifty new controller, became an overnight sensation, something not seen since the likes of Pokemon.Now, in 2009, Guitar Hero is a multi-million dollar...

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Heavy 0

One thing that really makes this one better than the other RB/GH games is the band itself. Metallica is huge and pretty much everyone has heard a lot of these songs so It's easier to get a singer on this than, for example, some pretty much unknown alternative pop or spanish stuff. Also this has all the instruments whereas the Aerosmith version had only guitar and bass.The songs are hard but not that hard and the production value is great. At best the on-stage antics look like a real live perform...

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Love it, but.... 0

Guitar Hero: Metallica is basically a song pack, with some nice touches here and there. But, unlike GH: 80's, GH: Aerosmith and so on, this one just feels right. Every one of the track is a joy to play on guitar, bass and drums (not much of a singer...) and though there are some odd choices here and there, most of the 45 songs feels like a good match to the aura of the game. the 27 Metallica songs can get difficult to play, but hey... it's Metal and Metal is hard. Hard as it might get, there is ...

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"Who wants 'Kill 'em All'?!?!" 0

Guitar Hero: Metallica marks Neversoft's second venture into the full band gaming genre. Metallica is a prime choice for a music game based upon a single band due to the versatility and size of the band's musical catalouge. Giving the hardcore players a little more challenge than offered in World Tour. While it makes some improvements upon the formula put into action for Guitar Hero: World Tour, the game still suffers from certain flaws that keep me from enjoying the game as much as I would like...

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Almost the Total Metallica Package 0

A while back (on my Blog), I went out on a limb and said that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was superior to Guitar Hero III. I’ve now had an opportunity to play the second band focused Guitar Hero game, and while I enjoyed it, it encountered some of the same problems that Guitar Hero III had. For starters, the game isn’t balanced well. On Normal, I found myself running into serious problems with the first two tracks of the game, with the game. Even when I switched down to the Easy difficulty set...

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Fun songs, good track list... just too bad it's Guitar Hero. 0

When I first started playing Guitar Hero on the Playstation2, I was completely addicted to it. Harmonix had created a brand new craze in video gaming, and these days, that craze is getting more and more out of hand. Every game is coming out with some kind of wacky peripheral now, and I put it down to Guitar Hero's influence. However, in any situation like this, there will always be an innovator, and a stream of copycats. After Harmonix did so well with Guitar Hero 1 and 2, they got swooped up by...

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JonnyBoy's Interactive Review!!!! 0

Ok, seeing as in my reviews I tend to not review the game itself, I tend to review aspects of the game, I thought I'd make this one short and sweet and try to help the game buying public, by giving the informed sound perchacing advice. However I will be doing this through the medium of text adventure novelisation similar to the one you used to be able to buy in the 80's and 90's. Right then, here we go........ 1)You are standing in Your local GAME store. You are in here for two reasons; firstly ...

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