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I got an email from RedOctane this morning that shows they're selling (today only) Guitar Hero Smash Hits and GH Metallica together fo $70. They also come with a free t-shirt and shipping. Being that Samsh Hits came out less than a month ago this seems like a great deal, but I'm wondering if stores will be giving these games away by the time GH 5 comes out like what happened with Aerosmith.

Do you guys think it's worth it to drop $70 for them today, or would it be a better idea to wait until they're each 5 bucks when the next one comes out?
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#2 Posted by TheDoorman (571 posts) -

Im going to say wait till Guitar Hero 5,because there is like a new guitar hero every 2 months and eventually the price will drop so yeah.

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#3 Posted by oldschool (7641 posts) -

Depends how desperate you are to play them.

Me, I would wait.

Waiting can be an interesting experience.  I got GH:WT for my Wii for $270 Au.  The full price is $320.  I went with GH instead of Rockband.  Now, my local store is selling Rockband (we haven't got RB2 here yet) for $148 for all the instruments and game.  That is an awesome price and I figured, why not get it for the 360 as the game is still selling for $100 alone.
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#4 Posted by DrFidget (262 posts) -

I'm not in any real hurry to play them. I got GH:WT on anothoer deal like this shortly after it came out and it kind of soured me on the franchise. These games have some realy great songs but I'd be content just downloading more songs for Rock Band. Although I'm not going to get any new achievements playing Rock Band.

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#5 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I wouldn't mind getting Smash Hits cheap since I'd like to play some of those older songs with full band support, but I'm not a Metallica fan and have no desire to pick up that game.

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