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So having just watched the trailer, a quest to save rock? Seriously? It is getting to the point now where they are attempting nothing new except for tacky new game modes that will probably never be as good. Come on if you have a party over and your playing some guitar hero, who veers off into the other games modes that aren't lets all be a band! If your reply to that statement is, well when you play it on your own or on multiplayer you sometimes play duel, then please fine a sharp object because you play Guitar Hero on your own. Maybe instead of throwing in worthless crap they actually start creating DLC that wants to be bought. Also I think its fucking terrible that they sell drums + a microphone but focus on mainly Guitar songs, but hey, they aren't going to not let you pay for worthless crap that you don't need. 

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Duder, it's Activision. They know the game will sell so they will put it out. They don't care about the product.

#3 Posted by ErrorOperator (458 posts) -

Yeah I understand that, I also understand that me posting ragey posts will not stop them, but it is becoming genuinely irritating.

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The irony is that bad commercialized rock music you'd find in this game is what killed rock to begin with. 

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Guitar Hero is actually killing rock at this point. There were good songs in Guitar Hero one and two, and now that we've played them to death, the people I hang out with HATE those songs, regardless of their quality. Guitar Hero makes music overplayed, and people quit even acknowledging that the music is good. All they remember is fucking Guitar Hero.

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Desperate is right. Guitar Hero is an abomination. It consistently fails at being "EXTREME" with each release being a parody of the last.
Neversoft don't care. They lounge in their jacuzzi filled with champagne and money, howling with laughter at you, clutching your conventionally extreme plastic instrument and typing in the solo to Death Charge Excrement while a depiction of what 87% of our survey said best represents teenage angst writhes before you. The counterfeit crowd goes wild. Neversoft dudes clap and jeer. "DLC?" Kotick smiles. You hate yourself.

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