Rush, A Free Soundgarden CD, And More In This Year's Guitar Hero

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#101 Posted by ITheKTrainI (27 posts) -

Hell yeah! I would love a Guitar Hero: Rush game. Activision get to it, chop chop!

#102 Posted by Mews (24 posts) -

For once, I'm jealous of something (2112) that Guitar Hero has...

#103 Posted by BoringK (268 posts) -

You know, they might as well go ridiculous with it. They've already proved they can't seriously compete with Rock Band. At least they'll really embrace it instead of half-assing it like a certain new music game with an extremely disinterested spokesperson.
I still won't buy it.

#104 Posted by ScunerMac (31 posts) -

God dam you Activision.

#105 Posted by Redbullet685 (6105 posts) -
@MrGtD said:
" Nothing is more authentic than 2112. "
not even Kid Rock?
#106 Posted by Job1021 (4 posts) -

GH is throwing the kitchen sink in with this one. Last time I got a "full" game... Where the hell is my free Pony!

#107 Posted by fini_fly (767 posts) -

New songs, same game. Meh. 

#108 Posted by Ally264 (40 posts) -

Cool looking guitar.

#109 Posted by ElCapitan (402 posts) -

But why? Guitar Hero has lost so much cache with me that this is starting to feel really desperate.

#110 Posted by eggybob (7 posts) -

That guitar looks sorta nice, like really sorta nice.

#111 Posted by Doogie2K (216 posts) -

Is 2112 more authentic than Kid Rock, though?

#112 Posted by buzz_killington (3532 posts) -

  112 alone is probably the most authentic and cool thing that's hit Guitar Hero in years

No one is more authentic than Kid Rock, Jeff. NO ONE.
#113 Posted by Tophat666 (237 posts) -

I will pick it up when it's on sale(like how gh5 dropped to $17 on amazon)

#114 Edited by GoatRoyale (11 posts) -

The whole "spiritual successor to GHIII" does nothing but further reinforce that I shouldn't buy this day and date.  I know a lot of people liked it, but I HATED GHIII and its continued focus on the story mode and whatnot.  I can dig some tongue-in-cheek heavy metal stories, but every time Neversoft tries one it just rubs me the wrong way  for some reason.    
Also, the new guitars LOOK hideous.  Just my 2 cents.

#115 Posted by regmcfly (159 posts) -

The only thing here is the 2112 appeal. This new approach needs MORE love, however, to make it amazing. One Rush mode isn't enough!

#116 Posted by librariangmr (185 posts) -

I honestly think it is time to put these types of games out to pasture.

#117 Posted by TheHakku (362 posts) -

Guitar Hero is a sinking ship....

#118 Posted by coldmilk (66 posts) -

this is still nothing in comparison to what Harmonix is doing with Rock Band 3

#119 Posted by Evil_Vin (3 posts) -

So if this is the successor to GH3 is gonna have horrible guitar battles in the middle of the game?

#120 Posted by translucentfish (130 posts) -

Sounds cool, but I won't ever buy Guitar Hero since I already have Rock Band. I wish the two could somehow find a way to share music between the franchises.

#121 Posted by Montaq (15 posts) -

I just saw Rush in concert and it was awsome. I love Rush enough to get this game just for 2112, but the rest of it looks like a lot of fun too. rockband3 will be beter, but this still looks good.     

#122 Posted by anzelm (41 posts) -

I'm more interested in Rock Band 3

#123 Posted by Mindslave (1 posts) -

cant wait to get warriors of rock

#124 Posted by nikemike99 (58 posts) -

Still in wait and see mode on this.
#125 Posted by Evansoft (62 posts) -

I love guitar pigs

#126 Posted by mrobin604 (2 posts) -

2112 is almost enough to persuade me to buy another music game... almost.

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