Dell’s College Gaming League Announces Spring Madness Events

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The College Gaming League (CGL) is back for another round of events just in time for Spring.  If you didn’t get in on the action of the Back 2 School Battles or the Autumn Onslaught in which college gamers won over $70,000 in cash and prizes, be sure not to miss the Spring Madness. 


The first CGL Spring Madness events kick off March 16th with Counter-Strike: Source and Guitar Hero World Tour tournaments, followed by events in Counter-Strike 1.6, Call of Duty 4, Street Fighter IV, and Gears of War 2 in the upcoming weeks.  Thousands of dollars in prizes is up for grabs this time, so be sure to get your piece of the action and register now!


What: CGL Spring Madness Tournaments
Where: http://cgl.
When: March 3 – April 25
How: Navigate to the Spring Madness page, and click "Login or Register" under the game of your choice


Don't hesitate and sign up now at http://cgl.delluniversity.... it's FREE!

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