GH:WT drums and the D-Pad

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The D-pad on my drums works fine in the 360's menus, but in GH:WT, the D-pad is inoperable. I can't go up or down, the game doesn't respond. The pads and everything else functions within the game, but nothing happens when I use the D-pad. If I hit the center X button to bring up the 360's dashboard, the D-pad works just fine.

Anyone else having this problem? I can't find a single forum posting on any of the sites I've looked on where anyone else mentions this happening. Activision's support page doesn't mention it either. It's clearly not a hardware issue. That said, I can't believe everyone isn't having this problem with their drums. I applied the latest game update but that didn't affect it.

I emailed Activision. I'll post here again if they're able to come up with some solution.


I take back the part about it working fine on the 360's dashboard. Up, down, and right are fine, but pushing left on the D-pad does nothing. Still, all that GH:WT needs is for up and down to function.

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I got a response from Activision. It just says to re-sync the drums with the 360. Since it's talking to the 360 just fine, there's no reason re-syncing should have any effect. I'll try it anyway though. The email says to fill out a form to get warranty work done to the drums if syncing doesn't work. It looks like that means I'll end up having to send these drums away. I'm just going to exchange them for another kit at Best Buy if it comes down to that.


Returned my kit to Best Buy in exchange for another one. Hooked up the drums when I got home and everything is working 100%. I was finally able to select more than just one song to play! Hopefully my incident was rare. If anyone else is having that problem, just simply exchange your game for another one where you bought it from.

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