Guitar Hero World Tour stopped saving career scores

#1 Posted by Sprigget (11 posts) -

So i played through the drums career, finished it and have been going through trying to get everything to 5 stars. BUT, despite saying it's "overwriting save do not switch off etc etc" my scores have randomly stopped saving. Any ideas dudes?! Cheers.

#2 Posted by StaticFalconar (4920 posts) -

autosave or manual save?

#3 Posted by Sprigget (11 posts) -


#4 Posted by StaticFalconar (4920 posts) -

That happens to me in more than just world tour (more games as in). Have no idea why, but just save manually that usually does the trick.

#5 Posted by Sprigget (11 posts) -

Ok thanks a lot, i'll give that a go. Cheers for the advice!

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