Safe to buy GH:WT yet?

#1 Posted by n8 (281 posts) -

I largely prefer the GH:WT setlist compared to RB2..

But I haven't bought the full band kit yet because of the bad press regarding the hardware issues.  Do you guys think the first wave of bad hardware is gone enough to spend $190 yet?  Can any of you attest to a recent purchase that had no issues?

Also one more question:

I have a Samsung DLP HDTV and Sony surround sound and intend to run HDMI from the 360 to the Sammy and Optical to my receiver to connect audio. 

Am I to expect horrible lag with the microphone in GH:WT when using this setup??  Connecting this way yields pretty nasty mic lag in RB1, and evidently this hasn't been fixed in RB2 (based on a quick forum search).


#2 Posted by n8 (281 posts) -


Please anyone?  I guess it's probably a little tired but really is noone playing this crap anymore?

Thanks in advance!

#3 Posted by SgtReznor (230 posts) -

By "bad hardware", are you referring to the cymbals thing?

#4 Posted by n8 (281 posts) -

No sir,

I had read several forum posts regarding the red drum pad not working and the new guitar making a very annoying squeaking sound.

I had not heard about faulty cymbals as of yet, but would be interested to know if that is an issue as well.

Anyone gotten the full band kit lately?

Also I really am curious about the sound lag if youre running HDMI to your TV then using Optical to a receiver.  That's how I am setup currently and the microphone is damn worthless in RB1 currently.


#5 Posted by SgtReznor (230 posts) -

I've got the full band set and I had some problems with the yellow cymbal, but one little piece of masking tape took care of that. Aside from that , I'm loving it

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