The green pad on my GHWT-drumset has become too sensitive...

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Well, this is a new one...

After extensive use of my GHWT drum-set, the green pad has now become way to sensitive.
Basically the green pad registers if I hit any pad on the set... or If I hit anything on and around the set :-)
It goes without saying that this is a problem.

Searching the net for possible solutions, I've mostly found fixes for people who has a pad which is not responsive enough. At most some places on the net acknowledges that some might have my problem, however still only gives the solution on how to fix less sensitive pads.

Besides... my problem isn't actually an "straight out of the factory"-problem. I kind of wonder if it's possible that replacing the rubber-protection on the pad will help. I feels very lumpy and might be perforated. 
My thoughts are that the pad registers any vibration happening across the skin.

I haven't opened the drum-set yet, but would like to hear if people have had (and dealt with) similar problems.
I don't believe it's a calibration-issue, since the set has worked fine until now.
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Your going to have to open it i'm afraid. Ill give you the tools you need to fix it- a straw, a paperclip, and a rubber band.

Now open it and check right under the pad. If it's part of the "button sensor thingies"  is stuck down or vise versa, fix it simply by...........well just pop it up or vise versa.

Now with the tools I told u to get make some kind of weapon and hit your cat with if that didn't work. LOL. 
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@Kaizzy: Didn't think it was a sensor that could be stuck down as such. Pictures I've seen of the sensor, it simply looks like some sort of copper ring... However will differently keep the McGyver stuff in mind ;-)

But I'll have to open the bugger and se what I have to deal with, I've just misplaced my screwdrivers... somewhere.
It would just have been nice if someone had a suggestion on what I could expect to see or what too do when I get it open.
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Good Enough? 

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