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Sterile and uninspired 0

This fall marks the first time where we are truly swamped with full-band plastic instrument games. Each of them, ideally, should bring something unique to the table to distinguish themselves from one another. Rock Band has its hook via DLC, and copious and regular amounts of it. Guitar Hero: World Tour has a grab bag of me-too and legitimately unique features like the music creator. And Rock Revolution distinguishes itself from the other two games by sucking, hard. First off, there is no denyi...

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Someone snuck drums into my Guitar Hero! 0

First things first, just gotta say it - did GUITAR Hero really need the full band format?  Or did they just do it because of the great success that Rock Band saw?  Or maybe they really were planning it all along.  Hmmm.  Couldn't they have just made an awesome guitar game, potentially even allowing multiple guitars for Lead, Rhythm, Bass, or something more original?  Whatever, they wanted all the different instruments, fine.  Let's talk about how it actually plays.Wait, one more thing.  If YOU w...

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Bought it, beat it, traded it. 0

The bottom line on all this, is this game has no lasting appeal. The online is horrible, trying to get a game going is a nightmare. I found myself sitting around for hours just trying to get a couple full bands going. This is all make or break for me, it's the online on Rock Band that keeps me playing. As for the new gear, the first guitar I got the strum bar started sticking and sqeaking loud then the whammy bar just stopped woring within 2 hours. I exchanged that and the guitar wouldn't strum ...

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Guitar Hero: World Tour--Review 0

In many ways Guitar Hero: World Tour is a great game.  I have to give this game game the same score as I gave Rock Band 2 because where each game lacks, the other game shines.  To put it simple, if you are looking for a great experience with bass or lead guitar, go with Guitar Hero: World Tour.  If you are looking for a great experience with drums, go with Rock Band 2.  If you already have a Rock Band drum kit, then just go out and buy Guitar Hero: World Tour standalone.  Like an idiot, I went o...

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Single Player Review 0

This is pretty much what you'd expect from a Guitar Hero title. However, there are some delightful enhancements. For example: You can completely customize your "Rocker." Tattoos, Guitar decals, Guitar parts , Body Size, Clothing, etc. There is really no story to be found, but that's not what we come to Guitar Hero for. It's a lot easier to see the notes as they come across the strike line. The sound is amazing. The playlist is quite diverse extending from Korn's "Freak On A Leash." to Willie Nel...

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Hot for Hero 0

Guitar Hero has long been a popular franchise here in the UK and after Rock Bands disappointing launch in the UK I wasnt sure if adding the whole band to the equation was necessarily the best idea but it seems to have paid off.The first thing that I looked at with a game costing £150 is the thing that makes up the price which is the periferals. The quality is good. The microphone works perfectly, the guitar is similar to the guitar hero 3 guitar but bigger and the addition of the touch strip is ...

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Bust out the tasty jams 0

This may seem a little abrupt but I want to start this review by talking about the instruments you’ll receive with Guitar Hero: World Tour, the fourth instalment in the ever growing music franchise. Their quality won’t come into the final score in any shape or form since they aren’t necessarily required to play the game - if you wanted you could use the Rock Band instruments or any of the guitars from previous Guitar Hero titles - I just figured it was common courtesy to at least tell you about ...

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well..... 0

now i had guitar hero 2 and 3 for the awesome ps2..i liked them..really did..and i got this game for the wii..and im slightly disappointed..i dont know if its because its the wii version..but it kinda play the drums i have to SLAM the stick down..almost breaking it in order to hit the note..the guitar misses notes..i thought that was weird..needless to say..i did have fun with this game..which is really whats important..i loved the mii freestyle you can play..thats my favorite

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Guitar Hero's Fourth Installment is Mediocre at Best 0

         When Guitar Hero World Tour was announced in early 2008, it quickly climbed its way into my "Most Anticipated Games" list for that year. The game promised many things, complete character and instrument customization, a mammoth track list, a studio mode for creating your own songs, and state of the art new peripherals. Unfortunately, World Tour rarely delivers on any of these promises. While it can be fun at times, World Tour's many problems usually outweigh the good qualities of the gam...

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Excellent 0

This Guitar Hero was definitely a nice surprise for me. Expecting a new, family-friendly easy rockbandesque approach for this game, the difficulty in songs like Hot For Teacher and Satch Boogie just blew my mind. This game is surely an excellent experience for both single and multiplayer, casual and hardcore gamers alike.First, let me just start off with Activision's "caring" for Europe unlike what we have seen with RB... at least in Portugal, Rock Band 1 is still not for sale, let alone Rock Ba...

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Guitar Hero: World Tour - Review (PS3) 0

Review from http://bngames.basicallynothing.comGuitar Hero is a household name when it comes to music gaming.  Red Octane and Harmonix created a masterpiece the revolutionized how we interact in gaming with Guitar Hero, and redefined how this genre could grow with Guitar Hero II which eventually made a jump to next gen.  This was a positive trend until Activision acquired the franchise and it pretty much all went to shit from there.  Im going to warn you now that if your a Guitar Hero fan boy yo...

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NO ROCK BAND, BUT IT CERTAINLY ISN'T NO TRIBUTE BAND!Guitar Hero, we all have fond memories of our first time hitting those coloured fret buttons to some of our favourite tracks or whamming your way through a song or two. It replaced the good old air guitar and created one of the most successful franchises of gaming history. But it's also gone through quite some changes over the years, not just seeing new developers at the helm but it's also at to see it's younger brother go to stardom with it's...

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World Tour delivers hours upon hours of fun alone or with friends 0

Positive:+ new controllers are very nice+ new guitar gameplay elements work well for the most part+ great setlist with diverse songs both in style and difficulty+ career is less linear than before+ sharp, lively graphics+ awesome online play modes+ band play is a blastNegative:- drum sound hardly comes through the TVRock Band and Guitar Hero will probably continue to be the two main rhythm franchises in gaming, and predictably each will probably put out a new game every year. This means there wi...

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GHWT is fun, although in need of some fine tuning 0

 Harmonix has changed the music genre of video games twice: the first time was with the original Guitar Hero in 2005, and then they revolutionized the music game again in 2007 with Rock Band. Guitar Hero was left to Activision and Neversoft when Harmonix started Rock Band, and now the two franchises are competing against each other. Guitar Hero: World Tour (GHWT) is Activision's answer to Rock Band as Guitar Hero now makes the move to a full band setup, but can it really compete with Rock Band?G...

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GH:WT Review 0

So this christmas, I got the Guitar Hero: World tour Solus, mainly because I already have Rock Band and the instruments for it, and partly because I can't use Guitar hero controllers, (Don't know why, they just feel weird).So I went and shoved it in my xBox and started off on the guitar career on expert.2 days later I was finished.This in no way is meant to imply it's a bad game, the career is just a bit easy and short.But I like the 'Book your own gig' section.The character creator I was lookin...

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Almost but not quite.. 1

This game could have been so much better.  The presentation seems rushed.  Maybe I'm spoiled by Rock Bands robust world tour mode.. where you get random gigs and what not... and the fan leader boards.  The character models are pretty weak... and whats with opening up bracelets... "you've opened up a spike bracelet for your RIGHT ARM" gee thanks!  The GOOD1. The game play is perfect! Very tight like previous games.. colorful notes very pretty.  2. Scoring is perfect! I like the games competitive ...

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GH is just unoriginal and copies many aspects from RB 2 0

Its no secret that GH World Tour is a lot like Rock Band 2. So much that it includes the same 4 instruments and implements many of the Rock Band features while trying to make other aspects unique but those other aspects just feel tacted on and not good in any way.To start out this is your standard music rhythm game. Their are notes that come down your highway and it is your job to hit those notes on the guitar, drums or sing the note on the mic. The game plays decently well in some respects. The...

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Vicariously moonwalking 0

Guitar Hero : World Tour : The latest installment in the inanely popular musical rhythm game, expanding the range of playable plastic instruments to include plastic drums and USB microphone singing. Story : The in-game story is just the usual bits about cartoon musicians going from a garage to the big time. The out of game story is the one people seem be enamored with; original Guitar Hero developers Harmonix were bought out by MTV and ditched the franchise to produce Rock Band, leaving the deve...

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Rock to the Moon! As Robots! On Fire! 0

Right, I'm gonna review this game and I swear to God on high I will not mention the name Rock Band once. Promise. OK there's no escaping the fact that this game will forever be in a two horse race with the Yin to it's Yang: Rock Band. This makes a practical review relatively impossible. I mean, as logical step from Guitar Hero 3 it has come leaps and bounds sure, but would it have had Rock Band not pushed it to? Maybe, and do I really care? No, not really.The reason I don't care is simple. Guita...

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Ok but not great 0

I bought this for about 15 bucks (100 Norwegian kr. is ca. 15 bucks) when giving Gamestop two Wii games (Wario Ware Smooth moves and Monkey Ball Banana Blitz) and it was totally worth it. But then again it's not the band game that Rock Band is in any way. Also, but not the games fault, is that downloading songs on the Wii is a hassle with or without the acess of a SD card. As an extra comment I would like to say that the drums are much worse then that of Rock Band and that the number of releases...

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