Guitar Hero 2, 3 and Aerosmith - Drums and Mic?

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#1 Posted by MattyFTM (14765 posts) -

If Activision were to add Drum and Microphone support to Guitar Hero 2, 3 and Aerosmith through DLC, would you buy it? I dunno if I would, since I mainly focus on playing guitar, but I might do.

And do you think they might do this? And how do you think they might price it?

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#2 Edited by Demodocus (284 posts) -

IF they did for Guitar Hero 3...of course.   But they never will.

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#3 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -

I think they should make all the songs from those games as DLC for World Tour. All originals, make it the same price as the other DL songs, they'd make a fortune, and we'd finally be able to play some friggin Cream on drums.

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#4 Posted by Video_Tycoon (362 posts) -

TTFAF on drums.  Hellz ya.

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#5 Posted by bekern (587 posts) -

No way, I only play guitar in the rock band and GH games. I'm too embarrassed to sing and I suck at drums because I can't coordinate my hands and my feet at the same time lol.

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#6 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2331 posts) -

I doubt that they'll ever patch that in.

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