I just bought my first guitar.

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no it became so "cool" it became uncool again.

but good luck!

im pretty sure this was the site i used to get started?

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I couldn't even get into it because my acoustic was a piece of shit and my dad was cheap.

Good luck though.

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That guitar looks pretty shitty.

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Well despite having a USB guitar, you can still be cool by learning some music.

You should just look up some basic chord structures first, probably, and get used to them.

Then look up some chord changes for some fairly simple songs you like and just try to go through them with the chords, even if it's not what the guitar is playing in the song. Just so you can get used to the different fingerings.

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lol usb guitar FTL

 good luck though
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Get ready to be terribly frustrated. Learning to play the guitar will make you want to shoot yourself. Learn to read music (which I wish I would have done).

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Its very easy to learn basic things with guitar...I don't know how you would be getting terribly frustrated.

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TwoOneFive said:
"lol usb guitar FTL

 good luck though
It functions normally as an electric. It's USB for easy recording / shredding.
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WWW.911TABS.COM also you might want to try out Guitar Pro 5.

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I hear it's better to start off with an acoustic, but who knows.

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Acoustic is not easier.

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You used to be cool until I saw it was USB. But its your first guitar so any guitar would do quite frankly. Yeah learn some tabs, jam some chords then if you're still serious enough about it, get a real guitar.

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Dont listen to these people, its irrelevant what you start with really. My first guitar was some sort of made in china no brand.

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If you just wanna learn some songs, read tabs. If you're totally serious about it, learn to read sheet music.

ultimate-guitar.com for tabs.

Oh, and I learned on a 50 dollar acoustic. I don't really like electric guitars. Maybe it's all the folk.

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Yeah my first guitar was a pile of shit, I`m now using a Jackson Warrior with EMG's, as you progress, treat yourself to a better guitar.
but that guitar doesn`t look to bad.

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the more ghetto the better.

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nice.  all you need to know is D C G.  thats like 70% of rock music.  throw an E Am and F in there for good measure and your set.  oh and then buy a guitar that doesn't plug directly into a computer.  thats never going to get you laid..

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natetodamax said:
"Acoustic is not easier."

damn straight
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How is your left hand going Yit? That is probably the worst part when you start playing a stringed instrument, getting used to holding it.

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I think a USB guitar for a first choice is a pretty interesting one. One of my problems starting out was that I hated my practise amp sound with my crappy ham-fisted playing. With all the amp simulation software I hope you can get a beast sound to inspire you onto greater things. 

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Ultimate-guitar.com for tabs, youtube for lessons, learn to tune by ear, learn to and make yourself hold the pick properly, then learn and practice doing power chords and palm muting, then focus on alternate picking. That will take a few months, then you can start on easy solos and whatnot. After a couple years by a better guitar and a good amp/speaker setup.

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Yit said:
"It can't just be a normal guitar...

Am I officially cool?

Also, any good sites online to teach me some basic stuff?"
To answer the latter, YouTube pretty much covers everything for the beginning to advanced guitarist.

     But first, to answer your "cool kid?" question... no.  This guitar is, by far, a piece of shit.  Definitely aimed towards racking in the $$$ by taking advantage of the n00b.  USB connection is essentially useless in terms of recording and is, without a doubt, catered towards using some inclusive (or sold separately) recording interface software.
     Working as a guitar and accessories salesman for quite some time... I can tell you, without a doubt in my mind, that this guitar will frustrate, fall out of tune easily, have a limited lifetime (in terms of usb use) and will be built very cheaply.  This is, of course, due to the fact that the guitar quality had to be compromised to include USB support and fit under that seemingly enticing $100 price-point.  You're thinking "Wow, great value!  USB interface and everything!  My friends will be impressed!"  They're thinking "Wow, sucker!  This USB crap sure is making us a lot of money!"  Your friends are thinking "OMG... I can't believe he bought such a gimmicky guitar."
     Seriously, do what I did quite some years ago.  Buy a $125 price-point Squire, learn the basics and decide how seriously you want to take yourself.  If so.  Buy a $1,000 price-point instrument.  A guitar is, in fact, an instrument and thinking you can buy anything in terms of quality for under $1,000 would be naive.  For example, the pickups in my guitars alone cost $300.  When quality woods (that means, solid wood... no laminent bullshit), proper set-ups and professional attention to detail get involved, you receive an instrument.  You, my friend, have unfortunately received a toy.
     So please, take advantage of your 30-day's buyer's remorse.  If the company does not have it, you can absorb that as an indicator of no confidence in product, especially quality.  And no, for those reading... this was not a "flame post."  It just makes me sick to see these companies take advantage of unknowledgable consumers and consequently scaring them away from an instrument that will get them laid.

     Anyway.  Buy American.  Also, quality recording interfaces between guitars and computers use interfaces (i.e. M-Audio).  The allure of USB functionality built in to a guitar is laughable in the industry.  Good luck with learning.  And remember, when you take the road with a guitar... always carry a rubber!  ;)
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If it does not have colored frets and plastic, it's not a real guitar. Sorry.

[Sarcasm. Please don't hurt me.]

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Hey great advise McNasty but I must say that after it all your sign off was well...kinda creepy. Surely you get a guitar to make music not to get laid???
#26 Posted by theMcNasty (758 posts) -
lvl10Wizard said:
Surely you get a guitar to make music not to get laid???"
Are they not one in the same?  Haha.

     You could take it as creepy, I just try and throw in humor to any post that someone might take as degrading to their person.  That way they know I didn't mean any harm or not to take me too seriously.
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Yit said:
"It can't just be a normal guitar...

Am I officially cool?

Also, any good sites online to teach me some basic stuff?"
You want me to be honest with you about the easiest way to learn?
Tablatures.  I know that sounds like a shitty way, but it will get you familiar with the finger movements and such very quickly.  From there, you start learning your chords and such.  After that, you start working on musical theory.

I'm completely self-taught for over 12 years now.  I'm not the most thrashin' axeman on the planet, but I'm not horrible either.  I started by playing a ton of Nirvana and Offspring.  Nirvana is good for learning how to do down and up strokes.  After you get to the point that you feel confident in hitting your notes, then you need to move onto speed.  That's where the Offspring comes in.

Other than that, either take classes or figure it out yourself.  You can also hit up YouTube, as there are tons of guys on there that offer damn good lessons.

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