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Exellent game wasn't expecting that much fun.

Game play: I went to microplay and I saw this game for sale I wasn't sure if I should buy it and I did. First time that I played it I thought that this would be a hard long boring game that really does not offer that much on the gameplay. After three minutes of the game I could not stop playing it because you can ride a horse use tactics against your enemies use quick draw that helps you eliminate three enemies without loosing allot of health. Some people might disagree with my review because this game seems short but if you take your time and you play some side missions this game might seen better than you think. The story unfolds really well you are introduced as Colton White and you try to kill the guy who attacked your dad. Anyways I did not pay attention to the story because I was so entertained by the gameplay. Use side missions to help get better stats to kill your enemies allot faster. You will travel in about 10 places and you will have to kill the gangs and sneak past enemies when you're in trouble. This game may look dull if you watch some one else play it but if you get in the game you would not stop I have never liked games in that kind of style my favourite style of game is racing action and some sports but I never thought that I'd be in love with this game I might beat It again.

Graphics:The graphics are not bad but they could've been better all the environments look well detailed and the places looked great but some areas in the game could've been fixed to see a better look at this game. On the Xbox 360 I doubt that you will see the real of gun so I suggest you try the version that you like the game is not really changed. The frame rate is great and the camera angles are easy to manipulate especially in boss battles you will not have trouble aiming for the enemies but you will often have trouble on the horse but quick draw really helps to fix the hardness of the parts in the game.

Sound: the music and the sound effects are perfect the voices are well made and each enemy have their own style of music the sound of the horses the villains and everyone is well made.

Controls: The controls can be a bit messy some times to aim or to shoot may be some times laggy but it's not a major problem to deal with its just noticeable at some time.

Positive +

+Great missions

+Fun side missions

+Great enemy AI

+Bosses' are fun

+Game is easy to beat

+Great story

+Cool upgrades


-Kind of short

This game is great but recommended to rent first to see if it is you're type of style of game but I think any gamer would love this because all the great aspects are there and there is nothing to complain about I recommend rent to see first.

4.5 out of 5.0 Amazing


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