hyprow's GUN (Xbox 360) review

Strong Western Action

I thought that Gun was a very well thought out game. This is a third person action based in the late 1800's. It has some nice little RPG elements in the game as well. Your character is Colton White. He starts off avenging his father's death early on in the game. This leads him across the country per say to get to the bottom of it. The game is quite short. It is only about 4 hours if you don't do any of the side quests. The side quests are where you earn money for upgrades and improved stats in Shooting, Riding, etc..... This is by no means a great game, but if you like the western genre definetly give it a go. It is quite similair to Red Dead Revolver but it falls a little short. The main charachters are all voiced by famous actors and the majority of the charachter are based on real people in the west. The story flows pretty well and should keep you entertained. Definetly give this a Go.

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