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Five adventurers are seeking shards of a magic mirror that will grant them one wish once assembled. Their efforts are hampered by The Trump, a trio of terror, lead by a silver-haired boobie lady.


Marion: A cute 13 year old witch from England with a voiciferous, fluffy rabbit named "Pom-Pom". She's a fun loving thrill-seeker with a bit of a violent mean streak. She frequently abuses Pom Pom, both physically and verbally.
Yuan-Nang: A tough as nails fighter from China. Her character model is strongly influenced by Sun Wukang, from the Chinese classical novel, "A Journey To The West". She rides on a cloud and carries a red bo-staff with gold tips.
Valnus: A monolithic robot created in Russia, who secretly wishes to be human.
Ash: A 28-year-old man from Germany, who during some cutscenes between battles is discovered to be a pedophile. If two players are playing and they select Ash and Marion as their characters, he takes a disturbing interest in Marion during the in-game cutscenes.
Tetsu: A tough 60-year-old geezer from Japan. Tetsu is a homosexual and is rather open about it, including calling himself a "faggot" in one of the scenes between battles.
The Trump: A triumvirate of swashbuckling baddies. These pirates will try their damndest to hinder the adventurers' progress and want the mirror for themselves. They are parodies of the Doronbo gang of "Yatterman" fame, even down to sharing some of the same voice actors in the Saturn version. The female leader is an Englishwoman named Rouge and is voiced by Noriko Ohara, Doronjo's voice actress. The fellow with the spiked hair is named Ace; he is voiced by Jouji Yanami who is also Boyacky's voice actor. The third member (the large man with the aviation goggles) is named Claude.
The Trump

Differences Between Mobile Light Force and Gunbird

  • The box art totally ignores the obvious anime roots of Gunbird.
  • The character names were changed to be XS Employee names.
  • The character and fan-art galleries from the Saturn version were removed.
  • All the in-game plot and cutscenes were removed... including the endings.

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