Chinese Democracy

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#51 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

I absolutely hate it to be honest.

#52 Posted by JonathanMoore (1880 posts) -

liked it more than any other Guns N' Roses album, followed by Appetite so yeah, pretty good.

-- God Bless.

#53 Posted by Laticsfan (612 posts) -

It was very meh for me, some decent songs but none really stood out and they all sort of blended into each other. Same with AC/DC-Black Ice, it wasn't a bad album just nothing stood out.

#54 Posted by Aitee (26 posts) -

Personally, it would be against my morales to buy this, and I shall never listen to it. Appetite For Destruction is one of my favourite albums of all time, I hated Use Your Illusion 1 & 2. It was clear that after Appetite For Destruction, Axel was getting more dominant in what the band was doing, and so they release a bunch of soppy piano based songs, I hated it. You may call me stubborn, but I refuse to ever listen to any song on Chinese Democracy. It is not a Guns N' Roses album, I would be fine with it if Axel would have chosen a different name for a band that he was going to form on his own. This just disgraces the Guns N' Roses name. I am now angry, I'm going to go headbang to oldschool GNR and throw darts at an old T shirt I have with Axel on it, goodbye.

#55 Posted by HandsomeDead (11854 posts) -

Well, at least it's not Death Magnetic.

#56 Posted by Aitee (26 posts) -

Actually it was Izzy who was the main song writer, Slash and the others helped, when Izzy left, Guns N' Roses went to shit.

By the way, I'm loving everyone's hate towards this album, it's giving me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
#57 Posted by EvilDingo (651 posts) -

wait? there's a Guns 'n' Roses forum?

I don't get it...
#58 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
HandsomeDead said:
"Well, at least it's not Death Magnetic."
Shut up :P
#59 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3634 posts) -

My friend gave it to me, I still haven't listened to it, your saying I should, I'm kinda scared. 

#60 Posted by clubsandwich (3965 posts) -

I love this album so fucking much, it's not AfD, but it's still fucking great, Street of Dreams and This I Love are fucking epic songs, screw you haters, Axl Rose is  still my hero. :D I surely don't miss Slash, I miss Izzy though. :(  and the new GnR is way way way better than Velvet Revolver.

#61 Posted by FlamingHobo (4769 posts) -
@clubsandwich: Stop boosting topics about Chinese Democracy, this is the second time I've seen you do it now.
#62 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

LULZ  I called this album a "revolting blob of pig vomit".  I was so nice to it back then. 
I still feel the same about this album, if not harsher.  It's still absolute shite.

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