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Staged in the classic themes of the wild west, Gun.Smoke features the infamous bounty hunter Billy Bob as its main protagonist, who's weapons of choice for taking out the outlaws are his trusty revolvers. Tasked with ridding the western themed environments of their ten most dangerous outlaws, Billy Bob sets forth to clear ten stages of enemies in this classic top-down shooter, sharing both its name and theme with the Gunsmoke television show, which is the cause of Gun.Smoke being separated by a period (for copyright reasons).

Gun.Smoke is a Capcom developed game, originally released back in the arcades, in 1985, which has since been brought forward in various Capcom collections and some more direct ports for traditional console and computer systems. Gun.Smoke was designed by Yoshiki Okamoto, who was previously a Konami employee. One of the most recognizable aspects of Gun.Smoke is its striking resemblance to Commando, an entirely separate Capcom title which shares many of the same elements, as both games fall into the category of scrolling shooters.

The Red Dead franchise originated as a spiritual successor to Gun.Smoke, later purchased from Capcom and expanded upon by Rockstar.

NES Version

The version released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, unlike any other port, had some slight changes to several parts of the game, such as the game being shortened by four bosses, having extra guns thrown in to provide more variety, and there's even some semblance of a story line built into the Nintendo port. None of these changes, well-received by critics or otherwise, made it into any of the other Gun.Smoke ports. Since that time, Capcom hasn't returned to the formula and has shown no desire of updating it, outside of packaging Gun.Smoke in with more recent Capcom Hits Collections.

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