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Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Blue is the P2 character in Gunstar Heroes. Both characters can potentially become Gunstar Blue, but the "default" design is based on the P2 Fixed Shot character.

Gunstar Super Heroes

Gunstar Blue was an orphan who eventually joined The Third Eye (3YE), Earth's peacekeeping force. Gunstar Blue is the more sarcastic and witty of the two player characters, seemingly willing to let Earth be engulfed in war instead of stopping General Gray's Empire. Despite this, he would sacrifice everything, including himself, to save the planet.
In his Hard ending, Golden Silver escapes the Gunstars' grasp and falls towards Earth. In a last-ditch effort, Red and Blue, along with Green and Yellow, plan to collide with the Destructor; this would destroy Golden Silver, but they would not survive. Right before they make contact, Blue proclaims his love for Red, which she replies to with "Yeah..."

Gameplay-wise, Blue uses the Lightning Gun as opposed to Red's Vulcan Gun. Due to the rapid-fire capabilities of the latter, Blue can be seen as inferior to Red.

Blue's design is the most faithful out of all of the heroes to the original Genesis character designs.

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