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Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Red is the P1 character in Gunstar Heroes. Both characters can potentially become Gunstar Red, but the "default" design is based on the P1 Free Shot character.

Gunstar Super Heroes

Gunstar Red was an orphan who eventually joined The Third Eye (3YE), Earth's peacekeeping force. Gunstar Red is the more impulsive of the two player characters, acting like a tomboy in an attempt to cover up her easily hurt feelings. 
Her Hard ending is similar to that of the original Gunstar Heroes, in which Green sacrifices himself to destroy Golden Silver. However, the Treasure Gems save him at the last second, and he is reunited with his sister Yellow and the other Gunstars.

Gameplay-wise, Red uses the Vulcan Gun as opposed to Blue's Lightning Gun. The rapid-fire nature of the Vulcan Gun makes it better than the Lightning Gun, and therefore makes Red a better character than Blue.

Red's design is very different than the original Gunstar Red's design; the biggest difference being the change from a male to a female (although this is left extremely ambiguous in the original Japanese version).

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