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Gusion is a Duke of Hell who can reconcile friendships among other things. He leads forty legions of demons and apparently takes the form of a "xenophilus". 

What is a xenophilus?

In reality, nobody is quite sure! The term is used in Wier's text, the "Psuedomonarchia Daemonum", which is the oldest known extant text giving a solid description of Gusion (1583, although older sources are mentioned in a number of other texts they have been lost to the mists of time). The rules and spellings of various European languages were not quite so set in stone at the time and Wier used many unusual ones; people have taken guesses as to what the word means based on possible etymologies. Several of the more popular definitions are "blue head", a type of frog, or something that is puffed up because of internal pressure. 

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