"Gai" or "Gee"?

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In the arcade I used to frequent when Final Fight was new, one of the quarter jockeys (mega cool dude, actually) swore up and down that it was pronounced "Gee / Gi" (as in "gear").
Anyone else?  Or is this a case of Kara-teeka?

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Gee and Rie you fight to the death.

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Rie you too, Who! ;)

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My suspicion is this guy might have heard about the Ryu pronunciation thing and decided to make another one up. "Well the correct Japanese Nippon pronunciation is Gee you guys, actually. I'm kind of an expert." That sort of thing.

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It's definitely pronounced "Gai." It's one of the rare cut-and-dry Capcom naming conventions :)

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It's Guy if you're from Quebec, otherwise, it's guy as in "Hey, guy"

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