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Gwen is one of the most recognized characters in the Guild Wars series.  In Guild Wars: Prophecies, she is the only character to offer you a unique item under special conditions.  Throughout the series (pre- GW:EN), players have discussed whether she was still alive due to her equipment being scattered across the games. Her profession is a Mesmer.


Gwen, Age 10
Born in Ascalon, at 10 years old, she can be found outside of the city of Ascalon in Guild Wars: Prophecies.  After "the Searing" - the summoning of burning crystals by the Charr, an event forever scared onto Ascalon, she survived but was enslaved by the Charr.  Most people, if not everyone, that remained within the city of Ascalon did not survive the Searing.  Gwen's mother was one of the victims. 

At 17, she manages to escape and fled to the Far Shiverpeaks where she found other human exiles, strange lands and new allies.  She reaches the "Eye of the North" and joins the "Ebon Vanguard" at 18, previously known as the "Ascalon Vanguard" but has re-organized due to the Searing.

Guild Wars series

  • In Guild Wars: Prophecies, she is an NPC that helps new players by healing them when she has acquired a flute.  After the Searing, she has disappeared but her broken flute and her cape can be found.
  • In Guild Wars: Nightfall, there is a chest containing a Preserved Red Iris Flower, reminiscent of the Red Iris Flowers that Gwen likes.
  • In Guild Wars: Eye of the North, she is a Hero which can be recruited to your team.
  • In the Guild Wars - Bonus Mission Pack, you can play as Gwen, re-living the story of how she manages to escape from the Charr.


  • At the end of one of the Guild Wars Beta weekends, Gwen was unleashed to wipe out the player population.

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